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3101, 2017

Praying For Our New President – Column

As we transition into a new Presidency in the United States, what is the best thing we can do? Pray. No matter what political stripe we are, praying for our President and country is vital. Read Clint Decker’s February column, “Praying For Our New President.”



401, 2017

Finding Happiness in a New Year – Column

2017 is here! Happy New Year! What are your new year’s resolutions or goals? Many of us will set some but very few will reach them. What is the ultimate aim of your resolutions anyway? Read Clint Decker’s January column as he discusses Finding Happiness in a New Year. . .

612, 2016

Looking For a King – Column

The purpose of Christmas is wrapped up in the purpose of the Christ child. Why did Jesus come? To feed the hungry, heal the sick, or change the culture? Just as His birth caused chaos so did His public ministry, because He didn’t fit society’s agenda for Him. Read Clint Decker’s December Christmas column – Looking For a King. . .