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1012, 2017

The Year End Letter

Clint Decker’s year end letter has arrived in mailboxes and is available on our website. Read the latest news in what God’s been doing through the ministry of Great Awakenings in 2017 and see what’s planned for 2108. . . (Click picture to read the Year End Letter)



602, 2018

When Pride Becomes Your Downfall – Column

The Harvey Weinstein story has publicly unmasked a continuing list of big name abusers and predators. What is the cause-factor for what Harvey and others like him have done? And is there a second chance, an opportunity for forgiveness in light of the pain they’ve caused others? Read Clint Decker’s February column, When Pride Becomes Your Downfall. (Click on the picture to read the full column).

401, 2018

My Sustaining Hope in the New Year – Column

What is your source of strength when you face various crises in life? In this month’s column Clint Decker writes about his sustaining hope, as he faced his own crisis with the passing of his father a couple months ago. If you are dying or are walking the path of grief from your own loss discover a hope that is like a rock. A sure foundation in a time of despair. (Click on the picture to read the full column).