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2014 - Ministry in Review

This year God took us to more places and people across the United States and around the world. Read a review of 2014, our 10th year of ministry . . . Read more

Report - Christmas Story Dinner & Concert


Cloverton 2This past Thursday night we held our annual Christmas Story Dinner & Concert. It was our fifth restaurant-based outreach and held at Mr. K’s Farmhouse in Abilene, Kansas.

We began planning in August while partnering with Pastor Shane Britt and Emmanuel Church. There were several months of preparation getting the believers from Emmanuel praying for and inviting the people from their community to attend.

We held two Christmas concerts back to back with the band, Cloverton, then Clint Decker preached the good news of Christmas and people were treated to a complimentary meal.  Crowd 8

The first concert was packed while the second was about a quarter full. The Spirit of God was clearly present. Many responded seeking Bibles, Bible studies, calling upon God for salvation and asking for prayer.

We have already begun the follow up process. In the days ahead we are looking forward to hearing stories of what God has done in the lives of people.

If you are reading this and you attended, we’d love to hear from you.

December 9, 201413 days ago

The Christmas Quandary - TV/Internet Broadcast


ChristmasQuandary_Web_500x500pxWe are releasing our 27th episode for the TV/Internet broadcast – The Christmas Quandary. Here is the show description . . .

Christmas time is a season of peace, family and gifts but also a season of quandarys. This video features Clint Decker revisiting the traditional Christmas story while observing the quandarys of antagonism, passivism, and in the midst of these, the hope of Christmas.

Part one discusses various quandarys we all face during the holidays along with the question, “What will we do with Christmas?”

December 1, 201420 days ago

The Heart of Christmas – Column/Podcast

Miracles are often discussed as more legend than truth. They are framed as stories of the supernatural resembling the mythological. Clint Decker’s December column/podcast discusses world history’s greatest and most disputed miracle, the virgin birth of Jesus, which IS the heart of Christmas . . . Read more

3:16 - TV/Internet Broadcast


We are releasing our 26th episode for the HOPE FOR TODAY TV/Internet Broadcast.  Here is the show description . . .

One organization’s religious survey found that 92% of American’s believed in God.  What does it really mean to “believe”?  The future of everyone’s life and soul depends on its meaning.  A misunderstanding has eternal implications.  This video features Clint Decker using one of the most well known verses in the Bible, John 3:16, to examine belief.  This is a must watch program!

Part one features Clint examining what American’s think about God and Jesus.

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