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Religious Hypocrites - Blog Post

Have you ever spotted a religious hypocrite? Are they the reason you don’t attend church or frustrate you when you do? All of us have either seen one, been one or will be one. Read Clint Decker’s September blog post as he helps people learn some important life lessons from #religioushypocrites. Read more
August 11, 201523 days ago

The Story of a Runaway – TV/Internet Broadcast

We are releasing our 35th episode for the TV/Internet broadcast – The Story of a Runaway. Here is the show description . . .TheStoryofaRunawayicontact image

Do you feeling like your running from someone or something or even running to somewhere? If you are, then this is your day to stop running and take a breather. This video features Clint Decker helping people to stop running and start living.

August 5, 20151 month ago

A Sexually Tolerant Culture - Blog

America and the world is the most sexualized it has ever been. Where is all this headed? Is it a good or bad thing? Read Clint Decker’s August blog post as he discusses our sexually tolerant culture. Read more
July 15, 20151 month ago

Suffering with Victory - TV/Internet Broadcast

We are releasing our 34th episode for the TV/Internet broadcast – Suffering with Victory.  Here is the show description . . .SufferingwithVictory iContact image

Suffering. It’s something we can all identify with. Attached to it often the “why” question.This video features Clint Decker addressing suffering head on dealing with its mystery, where God is in the face of it and ultimately how to have victory while walking through it.

July 7, 20151 month ago

Does America Need God? - Blog

During times of community or national crisis where do Americans turn to? These occasions provide a glimpse in what we truly trust in. Outside of calls for generic prayer or the tag line of “God bless America”, do Americans really need God? Read Clint Decker’s July blog as he evaluates who we trust in as a nation. Read more
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