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June 9, 201526 days ago

How to Have a Successful Life - TV/Internet Broadcast



We are releasing our 33rd episode for the TV/Internet broadcast – Keeping up with Appearances.  Here is the show description . . .How to Have a Successful Life iContact image

People all over the world want to become successful. They want to achieve. It’s in our DNA to build, grow and expand. This video features Clint Decker showing people how they can succeed – with a twist. It’s success the right way and without regret. It’s success that can save a life and a soul.

June 2, 20151 month ago

What is a Real Man? - Blog

To all men, have you considered what your role is as a man? Often that is picked up by observing our fathers, older brothers, mentors, coaches or even celebrities we admire. Clint Decker’s June blog post challenges readers to discover what a real man is and to embrace a new vision for their life . . . Read more
May 11, 20151 month ago

Keeping up with Appearances - TV/Internet Broadcast


We are releasing our 32nd episode for the TV/Internet broadcast – Keeping up with Appearances.  Here is the show description . . Keeping Up With Appearances theme screen.

Are you a religious person? Do you sometimes feel the burden of trying to keep up religious appearances? This video features Clint Decker challenging viewers to give up the pressure of trying to do and say the right thing and simply live a deeper, radical and fully devoted life to the one true God.

May 5, 20152 months ago

Commencement Wisdom - Blog

Millions of youth are graduating from various levels of education and moving forward into new frontiers. They are our children and grandchildren. As they reach this milestone, Clint Decker’s May blog post offers some commencement wisdom we can pass along . . . Read more
April 27, 20152 months ago

11th Annual Celebration of Ministry Dessert


You’re invited you to a special evening on Thursday, April 30, as we host our 11th Annual Celebration of Ministry Dessert.

We’re looking forward to an evening of remembering of what God has done. Joining us in leading the music this year is Catherine Wichman and Romy Rohovit. Catherine is a student at Cloud County Community College. She participates in two college choirs, Great Society and Concert Choir, and has led worship music in various settings. Romy works in the Concordia, Kansas, area, also has led worship music and is talented at playing a number of instruments.

The evening will also feature . . .

• Great tasting coffee and delicious desserts!
• Encouraging fellowship from like minded brothers and sisters in Christ.
• Message from me sharing what God has been doing through Great Awakenings and our plans for the future.

We typically have held the event during the fall months, but this year we decided to transition to the spring time. We hope it will accommodate people’s schedules a little better.

It is being held at Life’s Finer Moments, an event lodge in the Clay Center area. Its country setting has breath-taking views and a relaxed atmosphere.

This is free and open to the public. If you plan to attend, think about bringing someone along who isn’t familiar with our ministry. We’d love to introduce new folks to our work.

Come help support the ministry of Great Awakenings to carry on their work through 2015 and into 2016 while being encouraged at what God is doing to across rural Kansas and around the world.

Thursday, April 30, 7:00 p.m.
Life’s Finer Moment’s Lodge; 1285 16th Rd.; Clay Center, KS
For more information or to RSVP your reservations please contact us.
Contact information is available through the website

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