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March 1, 20152 days ago

Who is Jesus? - Blog/Podcast

Strangely, many will deny the existence of God, but agree to the existence of Jesus. Most all world religions include Him, yet they part ways on one key point. Clint Decker’s March blog and podcast discusses the world’s most controversial religious figure . . . Read more

The World’s Greatest Need - TV/Internet Broadcast


We are releasing our 29th episode for the TV/Internet broadcast – The World’s Greatest Need.  Here is the show description . . .The World's Greatest Need web image

Sex trafficking, poverty and war are just a few of the world’s most pressing needs.  This video features Clint Decker narrowing it all down to the world’s single and most urgent need of all.

February 1, 20151 month ago

What is True Love? - Blog/Podcast

The quiet, unassuming guy and the expressive, emotional girl both want to know what love is. Clint Decker’s February blog/podcast answers the question pondered by many, “What is true love?”. . . Read more
January 13, 20151 month ago

The End - TV/Internet Broadcast

The End web image


We are releasing our 28th episode for the TV/Internet broadcast – The End.  Here is the show description . . .

When we look across the landscape of the daily news it’s normal to be troubled and wonder to ourselves, “What is going on?” This video features Clint Decker discussing the future while sharing about a time of Global Sorrows and Global Mercy that one day will visit the earth.

January 1, 20152 months ago

Pregnant & Afraid - Blog/Podcast

Being overwhelmed by life’s circumstances can often blur our options. Clint Decker’s January column/podcast speaks to young pregnant women, living in very difficult situations, and says to them, “There is hope.” . . . Read more
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