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204, 2019

Great Awakenings Spring Newsletter – April 2019

“Come on. Let’s go!” Every Sunday morning, including every Easter, since I was three years old all six of our family were rushing out the door to church. In the early years, dad was driving with us, later on he was already there because he was the pastor. From those toddler years until I was 20, I had been to-and-through everything related to church . . . Read Clint Decker’s April column, Easter and the Danger of Religion. [Click on the picture for the full newsletter]



205, 2019

Why God? Why? – Column

Do you ever ask God, Why? Why do bad things happen? Here are four things you can do to overcome bitterness and anger when questioning why bad things happen. Read Clint Decker’s May column, Why God? Why? [Click on the picture for the full column]