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1603, 2017

RSVP for 13th Annual Celebration of Ministry Dessert

Tuesday, April 25, 7:00 p.m. is our 13th Annual Celebration of Ministry Dessert. It will be held once again at Life’s Finer Moment’s Lodge in the Clay Center, Kansas, area. It will be a special evening celebrating all that God has done through Great Awakenings over the last year. Joining us will be special guest speaker, Dr. Ken Canfield. He’s founder of the National Center for Grandparenting and the website (Click on the image above to read more and to RSVP)”

903, 2017

Great Awakenings Newsletter – March 2017

Dear Friend, Greetings in Christ! March 19-26 I will travel with a team from my home church to San Ramon, Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a Central American country with six million people (New York City has eight million). Though its main language is Spanish it is a multi-ethnic population with seven different recognized languages and five different ethnic groups where 5% are simply Indigenous. When Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19), He was not referring just too geographic countries. Rather He was speaking more of ethnicities, of which there are many in Nicaragua . . . (Click on picture to read more)



2802, 2017

Let the Protestors Voices be Heard – Column

Protest, protest, protest. It appears this will be the norm for President Trump’s first four years in office. Clint Decker tackles the right and culture of these ongoing protests in his March column – “Let the Protestors Voices Be Heard”. (Click on picture to read more)

3101, 2017

Praying For Our New President – Column

As we transition into a new Presidency in the United States, what is the best thing we can do? Pray. No matter what political stripe we are, praying for our President and country is vital. Read Clint Decker’s February column, “Praying For Our New President.” (Click on picture to read more)