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2015 Christmas Story Dinner & Concert - Hutchinson, KS

Thursday, December 17th. The first show is at 5:30 p.m. and second at 7:00 p.m.

AJ’s at The Alley, located at 1221 E. 23rd St., Hutchinson, Kansas

The event is free and open to the public but tickets are required. They are available at AJ’s. There are a limited number of tickets per show so pick them up soon. When you come the night of the event, just present your ticket to your server when you arrive.

The Christmas Story is an annual event held in restaurants around Kansas. This year it is in Hutchinson and intended to be a blessing to the customers of AJ’s at The Alley and the people of Hutchinson and surrounding areas.

As a Christmas gift, attendees will be provided a complimentary meal by AJ’s and paid for by the Hutchinson Wesleyan Church.

Cloverton is headlining the two Christmas concerts. They have produced a Christmas album We Sing Joy.
Their talents have taken them across the United States and around the world. Additionally, their music has climbed the Billboard Charts and received national airplay. They will have their CD’s and other merchandise for sale during the evening.

Clint Decker will be speaking during each concert sharing about the real meaning of Christmas. You can learn more about Clint on this website.


Why is this event being held?

The ministry of Great Awakenings holds a Christmas Story Dinner & Concert each year in a different restaurant and county in Kansas. We’ve seen hundreds of people fill restaurants in our four events. Our simple goal is to be a blessing to the restaurant customers and community the best way we know how, which is through a top-notch Christmas concert, the best food around and by sharing an inspirational message from the good news of Jesus.

Is the free meal for anyone?

Yes. Anyone who walks into the restaurant will be offered the dinner special at no charge by the servers. If you choose not to have the special and want order something else, you can do that too, but that will be at your cost. We also we want to be a blessing to the servers so whether someone order the special or not, we ask that people provide a generous Christmas-tip to their servers.

Who can come to the concert?

Anyone! If you live in California or New York and want to make the drive, we’d love to have you. If you are a restaurant regular, we’d love to have you. If you live in the area or a surrounding town, come on over. Whoever you are and wherever you live, come but don’t come alone, bring a friend with you.

Can you buy a Cloverton CD or other items they may have?

Yes. Cloverton will have a special table set up for anyone who wants to purchase any of their music or other items.

Who is providing this?

The Christmas Story is a ministry of Great Awakenings held in partnership with the Hutchinson Wesleyan Church in Hutchinson, Kansas.

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