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607, 2018

Clint Decker’s Report on His Trip to Kenya

Pastor Grant Clay told the gathering of Kenyan Pastors, “I believe the Great Commission will be fulfilled through Africa!” Why did he say this? Because Africa is ablaze for Jesus! Clint Decker finished the complete report on his trip to Kenya. Click and read the encouraging report on what they saw God doing through these significant Pastor’s conferences with ELLS International.

1603, 2018

Great Awakenings Spring Newsletter – March 2018

June 11-25 we will be traveling to the nation of Kenya in East Africa to come alongside fellow ministers of the gospel and reach the lost. It is a land slightly smaller than the state of Texas and sits on the equator. The nation is bordered by five other countries; Somalia (northeast), Ethiopia (north), South Sudan (northwest), Tanzania (south) and to the east they have a beautiful tropical coastline that is connected to the Indian Ocean. Land wise, Kenya is diverse. The northern part is dessert like, the central is one of the most agriculturally productive locations in Africa, and the east is tropical. The famous Mount Kilimanjaro (29,314 ft) sits on Kenya’s southern border. Nearly 40 million people call Kenya their home, which is made up of 42 ethnic groups, each with their own language and culture. Even so, English and Swahili are their official languages . . . (Click on the picture to read the full newsletter as it shares more about the upcoming Kenya trip and the passing of Billy Graham)



307, 2018

What is America’s Future? – Column

With all the crazy stuff going on in our country, do you ever wonder where America is headed? Someday will the United States no longer exist? In my July column I discuss who is America’s greatest enemy, concluding they are the single serious threat to our way of life. Read my column #WhatIsAmerica’sFuture? (Click here to read the full column)

506, 2018

Is Life Worth Living? – Column

Are you discouraged and wondering how you can keep going? The weight of our problems are unique to us, because they are ours and can seem overwhelming. In Clint Decker’s June column he shares about his own journey through a very difficult season of life and how God brought him through. If you have ever wondered if life was worth living, please read this. (Click on the picture to read the full column).