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407, 2017

Great Awakenings Summer Newsletter – July 2017

Recently, we hit a major milestone with the column, when God provided our circulation numbers to top 1,000,000 with 296 newspapers receiving the column. We were doing a lot of shouting in the office, because these numbers represent people, people that can be impact by the gospel message in each column. God has provided some tremendous breakthroughs in our radio broadcast too. He gave us our first two radio networks that bumped us from nine to 58 stations airing our show across six states . . . (Click picture to read the full newsletter)



310, 2017

Finding Calm in the Storm – Column

Recently, natural disasters have struck our nation hard through hurricanes and forest fires. Additionally, the mass murder in Las Vegas has equally gripped our hearts. These catastrophic events can throw us into fear or panic as victims or even bystanders. Read Clint Decker’s column for October – Finding Calm in the Storm . . . (Click on the picture to read more).

609, 2017

The Answer to Racism – Column

In American culture, the word “racism” traditionally means discrimination of whites against blacks. That’s too narrow of an understanding. The problem of is much larger. Read Clint Decker’s September column as he discusses how racism is an inherit evil in all of us and shares racism’s only answer . . . (Click on the picture to read more).