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607, 2018

Clint Decker’s Report on His Trip to Kenya – Newsletter

Pastor Grant Clay told the gathering of Kenyan Pastors, “I believe the Great Commission will be fulfilled through Africa!” Why did he say this? Because Africa is ablaze for Jesus! Clint Decker finished the complete report on his trip to Kenya. Click and read the encouraging report on what they saw God doing through these significant Pastor’s conferences with ELLS International.



3107, 2018

The Danger of Thinking You’re a Good Person – Column

We’ve all observed someone who has done something nice, and commented out loud or to our self, “Boy, they sure are a good person!” Have you ever observed yourself doing something nice and thought, “Boy, I’m a good person”? Are you? Am I? What makes us good? And if we think we’re a good person, is that enough to wash away all the wrong we have ever done? Read Clint’s column this month, “The Danger of Thinking You’re a Good Person.” (Click on the picture to read the full column).

307, 2018

What is America’s Future? – Column

With all the crazy stuff going on in our country, do you ever wonder where America is headed? Someday will the United States no longer exist? In my July column I discuss who is America’s greatest enemy, concluding they are the single serious threat to our way of life. Read my column #WhatIsAmerica’sFuture? (Click here to read the full column)