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The HOPE FOR TODAY monthly column started in 2006.  It is written by Clint Decker and published in local newspapers and online. The column offers hope through the current events of our day.  Clint may select a news headline to address or a topic that connects with a wide audience then discusses it while weaving together encouraging spiritual truths.

Currently, we are in over 300 newspapers across 10 states.  You can access a full archive of the column online through the HFT website.  Each week we are calling more papers with the goal of contacting newspapers in all 50 states.  If you find Clint’s column in your local paper tell them “thank you”.  If you’d like to get the column in your local paper, contact us.  Also, we’d love to get your comments and feedback on any of the posts you read.

602, 2018

When Pride Becomes Your Downfall – Column

The Harvey Weinstein story has publicly unmasked a continuing list of big name abusers and predators. What is the cause-factor for what Harvey and others like him have done? And is there a second chance, an opportunity for forgiveness in light of the pain they’ve caused others? Read Clint Decker’s February column, When Pride Becomes Your Downfall. (Click on the picture to read the full column).

401, 2018

My Sustaining Hope in the New Year – Column

What is your source of strength when you face various crises in life? In this month’s column Clint Decker writes about his sustaining hope, as he faced his own crisis with the passing of his father a couple months ago. If you are dying or are walking the path of grief from your own loss discover a hope that is like a rock. A sure foundation in a time of despair. (Click on the picture to read the full column).

512, 2017

How Christmas Defeated Evil – Column

With so much bad news, where is the good news during this Christmas season? The headlines can be bleak. Where is the hope, the joy? From the first Christmas until now, the season has always been about bringing good news where there doesn’t seem to be much. Read Clint’s holiday column as he talks about how “Christmas defeated evil.” (Click on the picture to read the full column).

3110, 2017

The Sports Obsession – Column

Are you a sports fan? When you look at your finances and schedule, how much of your time is consumed with sports (no matter if it’s through TV, watching your child or playing yourself). A casual interest in sports is fine, but an obsession becomes dangerous . . . (Click on the picture to read the full column).

310, 2017

Finding Calm in the Storm – Column

Recently, natural disasters have struck our nation hard through hurricanes and forest fires. Additionally, the mass murder in Las Vegas has equally gripped our hearts. These catastrophic events can throw us into fear or panic as victims or even bystanders. Read Clint Decker’s column for October – Finding Calm in the Storm . . . (Click on the picture to read more).

609, 2017

The Answer to Racism – Column

In American culture, the word “racism” traditionally means discrimination of whites against blacks. That’s too narrow of an understanding. The problem of is much larger. Read Clint Decker’s September column as he discusses how racism is an inherit evil in all of us and shares racism’s only answer . . . (Click on the picture to read more).