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The HOPE FOR TODAY monthly column started in 2006.  It is written by Clint Decker and published in local newspapers and online. The column offers hope through the current events of our day.  Clint may select a news headline to address or a topic that connects with a wide audience then discusses it while weaving together encouraging spiritual truths.

Currently, we are in over 300 newspapers across 10 states.  You can access a full archive of the column online through the HFT website.  Each week we are calling more papers with the goal of contacting newspapers in all 50 states.  If you find Clint’s column in your local paper tell them “thank you”.  If you’d like to get the column in your local paper, contact us.  Also, we’d love to get your comments and feedback on any of the posts you read.

804, 2020

Where You Can Find Hope During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The title of a USA Today story read, “Holding on to hope in the coronavirus pandemic . . .”  The Wall Street Journal wrote in one article, the “world’s best hope is private innovation” in fighting the virus. The Mercury News in California published an article, “Amid the corona virus shutdown, Bay Area neighbors find help and hope in each other. As the days continue to mount in lock downs, travel advisories and quarantines, the need for hope is increasing. [CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO READ THE ENTIRE COLUMN]    

2603, 2020

God. Our Only Answer to The Corona Virus.

What we are facing is not just day to day worries about family, jobs or finances. This is bigger. This has the feel of something apocalyptic. World leaders and the brightest scientific minds on the planet are trying to slow and eventually stop the spread of this “unseen enemy”, as President Trump has called it. Even so, it continues to cause infections, take lives, and literally shut down entire cities and states, nation by nation. What is happening? Where is this headed? How much longer? . . . [CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO READ THE ENTIRE COLUMN]

403, 2020

When Your Boy Wants to Identify as a Girl

Clint Decker has been writing his column since 2006 and there is a topic he has never written on – transgenderism. A recent story about retired basketball player Dwayne Wade and his wife Gabrielle, helped push him to write. One of their four children is 12 years old. He was given the name Zion at birth, but struggled with his gender early on, feeling more like a girl. As the years went by, they eventually met as a family to talk about Zion’s struggle and his desire to become a girl and take the new name, Zaya. . .[CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ FULL COLUMN]

602, 2020

When We Make Men Into Gods

When I was a teenager, I loved playing basketball. Dr. J and Michael Jordan were my favorite NBA players. While living in Colorado, I was fortunate to have my dad take me to see each of them play at McNichols Arena in Denver. Those are incredible memories.Like one of many sports fans, we often stand in awe of the talent these athletes have. The NFL Superbowl just took place and next month is the NCAA’s March Madness. Let me ask this question. Do you think we ever exalt these amazing athletes. . .[CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ FULL COLUMN]

901, 2020

The Offer of a New Life to Begin a New Year

The new year is an opportunity for a new start. I once heard about a leader that regularly took a block of time in December to engage in planning and goal setting for the next year for his organization. The way our annual calendar is set up, it provides a vision for that. It is the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Not only do we see this concept in view of time, but in nature too. In our part of the globe, we are blessed to have four seasons. When fall and winter come, it is the end of the old. . . [CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ FULL COLUMN]

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