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The HOPE FOR TODAY monthly column started in 2006.  It is written by Clint Decker and published in local newspapers and online. The column offers hope through the current events of our day.  Clint may select a news headline to address or a topic that connects with a wide audience then discusses it while weaving together encouraging spiritual truths.

Currently, we are in over 300 newspapers across 10 states.  You can access a full archive of the column online through the HFT website.  Each week we are calling more papers with the goal of contacting newspapers in all 50 states.  If you find Clint’s column in your local paper tell them “thank you”.  If you’d like to get the column in your local paper, contact us.  Also, we’d love to get your comments and feedback on any of the posts you read.

702, 2019

Choosing to Love and Forgive My Dad

When Clint Decker’ father passed away in November 2017, he had no regrets. Nothing went through his mind that he wished he would have said or done that he did not. He loved him. But his dad’s death culminated a long 26 year journey of forgiveness. In Clint’s February column, he open’s up and tells his story about how he learned to love his dad and accept him as he was, and not as Clint wanted him to be. [Click on the picture to read the February column]

201, 2019

Where is God in Your New Year? – Column

“Where is God in your new year?” That’s the title of my January column. It’s so easy in our fast paced, tech-savvy, do it yourself world that we can easily side step God. Well of course, He can always be the window dressing, like the cross on our wall or Bible sitting somewhere in the house. But to truly make Him the center, where we revolve around Him rather than Him around us, that will make a whole different 2019. Read my column and tell me what you think. Click on the picture to read the full column.

412, 2018

Sin. The Reason for The Season – Column

We often hear the saying around Christmas, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” In Clint Decker’s December columnhe has a little twist on that. Sin is the reason for the season. Why was Jesus born anyway? Why did He come from heaven? Read Clint’s column and discover a new perspective on Christmas.”(Click on the picture to read the full column).

611, 2018

The Deep Meaning of Thankfulness – Column

November is Thanksgiving month, it’s just a couple weeks away. When people talk about thankfulness it seems to be always dealt with in self-help, motivational or Christian bumper sticker ways. There is a depth to thankfulness that is rich and meaningful. Read Clint Decker’s November column to learn about “The Deep Meaning of Thankfulness.”(Click on the picture to read the full column).

310, 2018

How to Fight The Culture of Sexual Abuse – Column

Stories about clergy sexual abuse within the catholic church seem to be in the news continually, and it is alarming what the world is learning. Yet, what we’re reading about isn’t something unique just to them. It is a red flag warning that sexual immoral behavior is in every sphere of our society, making our sons and daughters sexual prey to lustful eyes all around them. Read Clint Decker’s October column called “How To Fight The Culture Of Sexual Abuse.” (Click on the picture to read the full column).

409, 2018

Freedom from Alcohol – Column

Have you ever spent needed household funds down at the bar? Have people ever had to apologize to others for the way you acted after drinking? Have you ever had to be bailed out of jail because of doing something stupid after a few cold ones? There’s a better way. You don’t have to walk down this path anymore. Read Clint Decker’s column “#FreedomFromAlcohol.” (Click on the picture to read the full column).