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The HOPE FOR TODAY monthly column started in 2006.  It is written by Clint Decker and published in local newspapers and online. The column offers hope through the current events of our day.  Clint may select a news headline to address or a topic that connects with a wide audience then discusses it while weaving together encouraging spiritual truths.

Currently, we are in over 300 newspapers across 10 states.  You can access a full archive of the column online through the HFT website.  Each week we are calling more papers with the goal of contacting newspapers in all 50 states.  If you find Clint’s column in your local paper tell them “thank you”.  If you’d like to get the column in your local paper, contact us.  Also, we’d love to get your comments and feedback on any of the posts you read.

511, 2020

How to be Thankful in America’s Chaos

The year 2020 will go down as probably one of the most cultural shaping years of the United States and world in recent times. It began in January with retired NBA legend, Kobe Bryant’s sudden death. News of his passing impacted the globe. In February, President Donald Trump became the third President to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. In March shutdowns began sweeping across the nation. . . .[CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ FULL COLUMN]

110, 2020

Pastors and Voting

Do you think it is important to vote for our next president? Should churches and pastors get involved it encouraging his congregation to vote? Find out what the Bible says about government and voting in our next column, Pastors and Voting. . ..[CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ FULL COLUMN]

109, 2020

Can Baptism Forgive Your Sins? 

Many have been taught and believe that baptism is a way to salvation and heaven. The Bible does not teach baptism in this way. Salvation is the only way to Jesus and heaven. Read about baptism and salvation in my column. . . [CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO READ THE ENTIRE COLUMN]

2708, 2020

Does Obedience to God Matter?

Obedience is non-negotiable.  It is a must!  It is an expression of saving faith and love toward Christ. Read how important obedience to Jesus Christ is even after salvation in my column. . . [CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO READ THE ENTIRE COLUMN]

2708, 2020

Racial Vandalism in My Town?

Why would someone vandalize businesses, homes, or public buildings?  A black pastor recently was asked about the unrest in America's cities.  He said racism is not about the color of our skin but a problem of the heart.  For out of it comes racial slurs and abuse toward someone because of their ethnicity. Read more about this. . .[CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ FULL COLUMN]

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