2212, 2020

Christmas and The Pursuit of Truth

Truths are facts.  Truth is accuracy.  Certainty.  It is not wide spread conformity or uniformity, but has a measure of agreeability by some.  Luke’s eye witnesses of the life of Christ and the early Apostles were all agreeable.  But the enemies of Christ disputed Luke’s claims as mere lies or legend.  The thing about truth though, is it stands the harsh winds of criticism, while lies and legends collapse at the gentle breeze of questioning. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO READ THE FULL COLUMN.

511, 2020

How to be Thankful in America’s Chaos

The year 2020 will go down as probably one of the most cultural shaping years of the United States and world in recent times. It began in January with retired NBA legend, Kobe Bryant’s sudden death. News of his passing impacted the globe. In February, President Donald Trump became the third President to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. In March shutdowns began sweeping across the nation. . . .[CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ FULL COLUMN]


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2212, 2020

End of Year Letter – December 2020

As Great Awakenings moves into 2021, we remain focused on God’s mission for us to proclaim the gospel in rural communities. His Word is powerful and effective in big cities and small towns. We do not know what the future will be like, but we know who does. And we know that people all around us desperately need to hear from God in this critical hour. CLICK THE PICTURE TO READ ABOUT OUR RECENT COVID-19 OUTREACH.


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