601, 2022

How to Know What is the Right Thing to Do

How do we know information that we are reading, watching, listening to or being told is accurate?  Maybe we will say, “Because it comes from my mom”, “It sounds believable”, “Everyone is saying it”, “I read it on the internet.”  Since we live in a time of disinformation, fact-checkers and fake news, how do we know what is true and thereby make important decisions, comments or accept certain beliefs on things? [CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO READ THE FULL COLUMN]

1312, 2021

Christmas Is Not About a Baby

Is Christmas about a baby?  A cute, cuddly little one that His mother held in her arms?  If so, then why is Christmas offensive to many?  Who could be turned off by an adorable baby?  Why have schools changed from Christmas break to winter break?  Why do people file law suits to stop Christmas celebrations?  Why do most Islamic and atheistic governments either ban or strongly condemn Christmas?  Because they understand perfectly, that Christmas is not about a baby . . . [CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO READ THE FULL COLUMN]


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