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110, 2019

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Help Equip Rural African Evangelists

“If demography is destiny, then Christianity’s future lies in Africa. By 2060, a plurality of Christians – more than four-in-ten – will call sub-Saharan Africa home, up from 26% in 2015” (Pew Research). Wow! Those numbers reflect a move of God in the continent of Africa that has come through the blood, sweat and tears of saints who were faithful to God’s call to go and preach the gospel.I am excited to share in more detail about my upcoming return trip to Kenya and how you can help. Friday, April 17, I will lift off the runway in Kansas and endure a long 24-hour trip to Nairobi. Then I will return again, 11 days later, on Tuesday, April 28. [Click on picture to read important update]

3107, 2019

Great Awakenings Summer Newsletter – July 2019

We have three pieces of breaking news to share right at the beginning of our summer newsletter. First, this newsletter is the rollout of our new logo and slogan. Since 2019 is our 15th year of ministry, we thought it would be a perfect time for a change. We wanted to better reflect our rural and gospel message focus. The second piece of breaking news is the confirmation of our 2019 international rural mission’s trip. I will be heading back to Africa. There is much more to read about in our summer newsletter. . . [Click on the picture for the entire newsletter]



412, 2019

The Miracle of the Virgin Birth

The virgin birth was no myth, legend or allegory. It is a historical fact, albeit, a miraculous one. No scientist can explain or fully understand it. It is a complete miracle in how a virgin can give birth to a child. Do you believe in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ? [CLICK ON PICTURE TO READ FULL COLUMN]

511, 2019

What Happens When We Refuse to Thank God?

The Bible is my favorite book. I love to read it and hear it read. It is filled with compelling stories. One in particular is about a man who had been born with a disability and was unable to walk. Friends would carry him from home to the entrance of a local religious temple where he would spend the day begging. In a single moment though, his whole life changed when he met two men walking into the temple. He asked them for money, like everyone else. But these two, Peter and John, responded differently. [Click on the picture to read the full column]