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2012, 2023

End of Year Letter – December 2023

Clint Decker's year end ministry report is available. Read about a recent conversation he had that revealed a troubling trend across America's schools. Read about the beginning of Great Awakenings 20th anniversary and the important foundation it was laid on with the help of a woman named Fay. Read about the official dates that have been set for a return to Africa in the summer of 2024. Read about Clint's plans to expand his syndicated column through small town newspapers in Sam Walton's home state. [CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ THE FULL LETTER]

2908, 2023

Evangelism Training: Share The Gospel Like The Apostles with Clint Decker

As a follower of Jesus, do you want to learn how to share the gospel with others or be more effective at it?  Then attend Clint Decker's upcoming evangelism training event, Share The Gospel Like The Apostles.  This will be unlike any evangelism training you have had.  The content will challenge everything you have been taught about the gospel. 

1612, 2022

End of Year Letter – December 2022

Read Clint Decker's 2022 year end ministry report. The newsletter covers his recent teaching via video link of ministry students in Kenya, readers comments from his syndicated column and a preaching trip to a rural church that once was surrounded by a busy town and much more. You'll also learn how you can support Clint as he closes out another ministry year. [CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO READ THE NEWSLETTER]

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