As a follower of Jesus, do you want to learn how to share the gospel with others or be more effective at it?  Then attend Clint Decker’s upcoming evangelism training event, Share The Gospel Like The Apostles.  This will be unlike any evangelism training you have had.  The content will challenge everything you have been taught about the gospel.

The class is free, but you must register by Wednesday, October 11th.  Click here and submit your information to reserve a spot.  


The material was first presented to Kenyan students at Manna Bible Institute.  Here is what some of them had to say…

  • “Recently my evangelistic team had two missions where we made God known and your teachings helped me a lot.”

Tom Mutua, MBI student

  • “The class in April was very useful.  Because of it many have been saved.  I appreciate the training and everyone should take it.”

Erick Ng’ari, MBI student

  • “Thank you for teaching us about evangelism.  Our students were taught the right attitude regarding the gospel, how to preach it and God’s love for sinners”

Kevin Mungai, MBI Academic Dean


This class will methodically walk through the textual sermons of the Apostles in the book of Acts.  We will study the content of their evangelistic messages to understand the biblical essentials for sharing the gospel.  The aim of our time together is to equip you with the knowledge of what the Bible teaches should be offered in a gospel message, so you can go out and share it with confidence, authority and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The class will challenge what you may have learned previously about the content of the gospel.  It will cause you to think, perhaps re-evaluate and maybe even completely change how you preach the good news of Christ.

The following is what we will study together.

Part 1:  Understanding God.

We will begin with a deep and rich look at the broad picture of the gospel.  Then move into how the Apostles shared about God and what they taught about His nature.  During this time, we will also discuss in detail the difference between a God-centered versus man-center gospel message.

Part 2:  Understanding Jesus.

We will then move to how the Apostles lifted up Jesus.  We will explore what they taught about His nature, works, the cross, Jesus as Savior and Lord, His victory over sin and being a witness for Him.

Part 3:  Understanding Ourselves.

Finally, we will explore how the Apostles challenged their listeners.  We will look at what they said about sin, repentance, faith, the judgement of God, the gift of the Spirit and discuss how the Apostles brought people to Christ.