The work of Great Awakenings finds its root in the life and ministry of Clint Decker, its founder. When the organization was founded in 2004 it came out of a 14 year spiritual journey.  Over those years God grew a passion in Clint for sharing the gospel with others.  He knew one day he would be serving the Lord full-time in the area of evangelism, but just didn’t know when or how.  

As time grew, the purpose grew as well. Clint not only wanted to share the gospel, but see that gospel eternally change individuals and entire cities. He began to pray for the salvation of souls and for a great spiritual awakening to sweep across town after town.  

Early on Clint realized the principle of beginning where you are.  He was living in a rural Kansas town and God showed Him he must begin there.  God opened his eyes to the many rural communities across Kansas as well as other states.  Through God’s direction he began a strategic effort at taking the gospel to rural communities.

Below is the vision, mission, values and slogan the board of directors has approved to guide all activities for the ministry of Great Awakenings.  (Photo to the R is courtesy of the Luis Palau Association)

Vision –  Bringing a gospel based renewal to believers and awakening to the lost.

Mission – Reviving Believers, Raising Evangelists, Reaching People and Reproducing Disciples.

Values – Bible-centered, Striving for Excellence, Walking in the Holy Spirit, Acting in Faith,
Seeking Wisdom

Slogan – Sharing Good News from Rural America to All America