During the month of April we are praying for God to provide funds we can send to the Manna Bible Institute in Kenya, in order to complete construction of a bathroom and shower project.   Click here to learn how you can donate

In April 2020 I was scheduled to fly to Kenya for a time of ministry at the Manna Bible Institute near Nairobi when it was canceled because to Covid.  I still have a paid for airplane ticket, but am unsure when I will be able to reschedule the trip.  Despite the cancellation though, it never canceled our ministry in Kenya.  It just took a different form. (The two concrete buildings are the bathrooms. The yellow building is the shower facility.)  

When I couldn’t travel to MBI in 2020, we were able to help provide needed funding for school staff payroll shortages resulting from the Kenyan government Covid shutdown.  We also assisted with beginning construction on a bathroom and shower project, which had been a great need for the school.

The funds we provided were a tremendous blessing to MBI a year go.  It helped them through a difficult period.  They are back resuming in-person classes, but on a limited scale due to government restrictions.

I am praying God will use the ministry of Great Awakenings to finish construction on the bathroom and shower project we helped start in 2020.  (With the funds we provided, workers began tearing down one bathroom in order begin construction of a new one)  

When completed they will have rebuilt a new women’s bathroom, men’s bathroom and remodeled men’s and women’s shower facilities.  The previous structures have been around for about 20 years, so we anticipate our investment in this project will last about the same.  (Our initial funding did get the foundation and walls built in one of the two bathrooms.)

MBI has been around since the 1980’s and thousands of East African students have passed through it’s doors.  They especially have a passion for training rural pastors and evangelists, which aligns with our passion for rural areas.  
We have one donor that has committed an initial large donation toward the project.  With that first gift we are already close to half way toward our goal.  Please think and pray about being a part.

Jesus said to “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt. 22:39).  Your gift is an act of love toward our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord at the Manna Bible Institute.  To learn about the specific dollar amount we are seeking to raise or any other questions, please contact me if you have any questions.

Slave for Christ,

Clint Decker
Great Awakenings