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Judson Laipply.  Have you ever heard of the name?  He is a comedian who performed a hilarious (and clean) 10-minute skit called The Evolution of Dance.  It was posted on YouTube and became an instant hit.  It is currently the most viewed Internet video of all time, having over 215 million hits.

YouTube’s official slogan is “Broadcast Yourself”.  Laipply did just that and he became famous.  According to a Family Circle magazine survey, nearly one-third of our teenagers think they will be famous someday and YouTube, American Idol and many other forms of instant-fame media have provided the vehicle for millions of fame-hungry folks to get there.

However, what happens when you get there?  Then what?  When I look at the news about famous musicians, actors or athletes who have achieved fame I see how their family, health, finances and overall lifestyle is a mess.  It makes me question the blessing of being famous.

What is really behind the desire to be famous anyway?  It is acceptance.  Some people think, “If they see who I really am and what I can do, they will like me.”  The first part of that quote is the problem, “If people”.  Some people and their feelings for us change.  Today they love us, tomorrow they hate us.

We might consider something else.  Instead of seeking to be known and loved by people, how about seeking to be known and loved by God?  Actually, the undisputed, most-famous person in the universe is God’s own Son, Jesus Christ.  He knows your name and is interested in beginning a life-long relationship with you.  Things operate a little different in God’s world though.  Jesus once said, “Whoever would be great among you must be your servant” (Matthew 20:26).

Your acceptance by people will be short-lived, but acceptance by God will be eternally-lived.  How do you get it?  Turn from seeking the fame of your name and seek the fame of HIS name.  Humbly and deliberately, place your complete trust in Jesus Christ alone.  Then, you will find your hope for today