The March column and podcast is now available –What If The Resurrection Never Happened?  Below is a description.  If you would like to read the entire column, go to the Hope for Today Blog or listen to the podcast on iTunes.

The debate over Jesus resurrection began moments after His resurrection and continues today.  Books, movies or archaeological discoveries that contend against Jesus and His resurrection seem to mysteriously show up around Easter every year.  Today, Clint Decker considers the impact if Jesus really did not rise from the dead.  

We have reached a milestone – 100 newspapers!  Actually, we are at 122 and counting.  Kansas is done.  Oklahoma has just been completed and last week we started calling Nebraska newspapers.  Our combined circulation is over 380,000!  We praise God for all His provision at getting His Good News out there.

Our Hope for Today (HFT) blog and podcast are also doing well.  The blog had all-time high views during the months of January and February and continues to climb.  The entire HFT Media Outreach has an international presence in 64 nations (33% of the world’s nations).  Our goal for 2013 was to add 16 nations, bringing us to 69.  We may need to adjust that.  In the month of February God provided people from the Solomon Islands, Georgia, Cambodia, Romania, Belarus, Ireland, and Mexico.  24 hours a day, seven days a week God is using this media ministry.  Pray regularly that souls would be saved and believers built up in their faith.